Kitchen Remodeling: When To Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets are useful, but they can also turn into a mess with time. This is why you need to consider kitchen remodeling of degree after every few years. If want to know when is the time to replace your kitchen cabinets, follow below.

Signs You Need To Replace Kitchen Cabinets

You’re Running Out Of Space

The most obvious reason why people need new kitchen cabinets is because of the fact that they’re running out of space in the existing ones. Kitchen cabinets aren’t a “one size fits all” and if they are small for your requirements or you have to stack things on top of each other to make it work, then this is a clear sign that you need to replace your kitchen cabinets and get new ones that will fit your storage needs.

They’re Not Functional Anymore

Are your cabinets squeaking every time you open them? Are the cabinets falling apart badly? Are they not what you need anymore? Do you need something that’s more functional and has multipurpose qualities? Well, if the answer is “yes” to everything, then this is also another sign that you need to change your cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets are useful around the kitchen, but if there’s a point where they’re more of a hassle than ease for you, then you need to step back and think about getting new ones. Kitchens never stay the same and cabinets shouldn’t either. Get some inspiration and install new cabinets that will make improve the appeal of your kitchen.

They’re Damaged

This is a fact that you can’t overlook. Over time, especially if your cabinets are getting very old, there can be water or moisture damage inside or around the cabinets and those things are pretty much irreversible given that cabinets are made of wood.

You will need to need to think about replacing your cabinets, if you don’t want the damage to take over the entire cabinetry and ruin your space. You might be wondering: How do I detect the damage? That’s pretty simple. Look for wet spots and discoloration on the bottom of the cabinets and the sides. You’ll be able to spot them easily and if you do, it’s time to pull them apart and get new and better cabinets.

They’re Smelly

This is also another alarming sign that you need to go over. Your cabinets can get super moldy inside and the only way by which this is detectable is by a distinct mold-like, musty smell. If your cabinets aren’t normally smelly, then this will raise a lot of questions once you start to smell that stench. Water damage and humidity can also lead to the cabinets smelling extra disgusting, and the worst part of it all is that you really can’t do anything about it except replace the cabinets completely.

If you don’t, then whatever is causing the smell in the first place can spread to other areas of the kitchen and that’s going to be a debacle in itself. So, save yourself from the extra trouble and do something about the smell from the get-go.

Cabinet Walls Are Getting Soft

This is a clear-as-day sign that your cabinets are holding on to their last thread. If you have a large set of cabinets, then you know that there are walls between them. If you touch them and they feel extra soft, spongy, and wet, then this is enough reason for you to replace them.

The walls of the cabinets shouldn’t be wet at all and there is something seriously wrong with them that’s causing this to happen. So, without wasting any time, call a contractor and have the cabinets removed and see what’s causing the problem in the first place. Get that fixed and then consider getting new cabinets.

It’s important to deal with the issue at hand first because if you don’t fix whatever’s causing the cabinet walls to drench, then it’s only a matter of time until the new cabinets fall victim to this issue too.

They Look Old

You know your cabinets are getting old and they’re not looking the same, when you see peeling paint, scratches, discoloration, fading of the color, etc. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that your cabinets are just not as they were before and this calls for either replacement or a repaint.

If the cabinets are damaged, instead of fixing and revamping them, you’re better off getting new ones because you may require repairs often whereas new cabinets won’t need repairs for a long time.

You’re Remodeling

Most people think that the best time to replace your cabinets is when you’re remodeling your kitchen and that’s a brilliant idea. Since your kitchen is already a mess and things are being replaced and repaired everywhere, then why not get done with the cabinets too? Many times, it’s not wise to just replace the cabinets because that’s just as much work as a normal kitchen remodel.

So, if you’re planning to spruce your kitchen up a bit, then definitely keep cabinets replacement on the agenda too. However, with that, you should also keep in mind that cabinets are usually the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel. So, dive into it when you have the right budget.

They’re Not Aligned

A botched cabinet installation is one thing, however, over time, your cabinets can get misaligned after years and years of banging, using, and manipulating.

The easiest way to figure out the alignment of your cabinet is by comparing two open doors of your kitchen cabinets. If they’re in line with each other and you don’t have any problem opening or closing them, then you’re good to go. However, if an issue persists, then your cabinets are out of alignment and you should get them replaced.

Alignment isn’t something that can be easily fixed, so replacing is usually recommended because it’s faster and easier and it also gives your kitchen a new look, which is always appreciated.

The Fixtures Are Broken

Have you stretched the cabinets to the point where the fixtures are broken and can’t be screwed back on? That’s when you know your cabinets need to be replaced.

Fixing one loose fixture is fine and there’s no need for replacement in that case, but if all of your fixtures have been screwed on multiple times and they’re just falling apart, then this is the point where you seriously need to think about replacing the cabinets. You’ll thank yourself for making this decision.

A Lot Of Time Has Passed

If your cabinets have been around for almost 15-20 years and there’s no noticeable issue with them, it’s still recommended that you go ahead and replace them. That’s because 20 years is general lifespan of cabinets and after that, you’ll start to see damage creeping over them.

Before there comes a time when your cabinets completely fall apart, it’s better if you take the initiative and replace the cabinets. You will need to replace them at some point if they have been there for 20 years already, so why not now when there are minimal issues with them? You will save yourself from the extra trouble.


Replacing kitchen cabinets will give your entire kitchen a glow-up and it will also improve the functionality of your kitchen. So, if you think your cabinets should be replaced, contact a kitchen remodeler Port Jefferson to get started.

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