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What Are Some Good Alternatives To Wooden Decking?

If your house deck is looking a bit worse for wear and you want to replace it or you want to install deck from scratch with the help of deck contractors, you might be looking for materials other than wood.  So, here are some great alternatives to the maintenance-heavy wood decking.

Wood Decking Alternatives

Composite Decking

If you want to mimic the appearance of wood, but want more strength and durability, then composite is the way to go. Wood and plastic composite look just like the real thing, but the material is engineered to last for a longer time than wood.

You will love the look of it and the best part? It doesn’t need to be maintained a lot unlike wood. You can easily get away with regular cleaning and it’s also pretty much waterproof, so there’s no worrying about it getting damaged by the rain or moisture.

The only downside is that it’s really expensive and since it’s a comparatively newer material, there can be limitations as far as options and variety are concerned, so that can be a bummer.

Tile Decking

If you want to make your deck look sophisticated, in every sense of the word, then tile is what you want to choose. Very sleek and customizable to no end, tiles will steal the show and make your deck, or patio if we may, look amazing. However, you will need to maintain them if you don’t want your deck to look unkempt, especially when dirt and grime get stuck in the grout lines of the tiles.

Also, tiles are prone to being slippery when they get wet, so it’s not the best thing to walk on, especially if you’re barefoot.

Fiber Cement Decking

Don’t want termites to ruin your decking? Then fiber cement decking is perfect for you. Made to resist temperature and cracking, fiber cement is easy to install and it’s perfect for those hot months when everything else can shrink and crack.

Plus, it’s also fireproof. So, it is a perfect spot to host your barbecues without having to worry about things catching fire. It is a bit on the expensive side, but it’s a wonderful material for the outdoors, more so if you live in areas where the weather has a mind of its own.

Aluminum Decking

Even though aluminum isn’t an exact alternative to wooden decking, it’s still an amazing option if you’re looking for something that will outlast everything. Aluminum is waterproof, rust-proof, and stain-free and it’s a breeze to maintain. You can also color the aluminum panels to make them look more fun and less industrial.

The only downside is that aluminum is quite expensive, but not as expensive as composite and wood decking. Plus, it isn’t the best if you put too much force on it, because it will dent in the end, making it look not so beautiful anymore. So that can be a deal breaker for a lot of people.

PVC Decking

If you’re looking for a durable option, then look no further, because PVC is here to save the deck and the day. Even though a plastic deck may not sound appealing in the least, it is gaining popularity like no other material. It’s essentially a perfect outdoor or deck material because there is no hassle of it getting corroded, wet, or blistered by the sun.

If that wasn’t convincing enough, then this material is also DIY-friendly, so you can make just about any custom deck that your heart desires. It doesn’t crack easily and has no hazard of slipping either, so you better believe that PVC is an all-round material.

Bamboo Decking

If you want to get a material that’s strikingly similar to wood, but has more durability, then woven bamboo is your best friend. This material looks just like wood, but still has an appeal of its own. You can get the durability of any other man-made material with bamboo and it will still look warm and inviting like wood.

It’s also fairly more water resistant than wood and it’s environmentally friendly since bamboo has a growth rate, way higher than most trees from where wood is sourced. So, your deck can look amazing while you’re being responsible and choosing an eco-friendly option.

Rubber Decking

Tires for deck, anyone? Don’t knock this option till you try it because it just might become your favorite. If you’re looking for a waterproof material that doesn’t look and feel like rubber, then rubber decking is the way to go. It’s made the same way tires are, but with a bit of texture and added color, which will take a turn for the better.

Rubber decking is virtually non-porous and no-slip. So, no more accidents on the deck. However, not everything is as perfect as it seems.

Rubber can get dissolved when you use harsh chemicals for cleaning, so you can’t just use anything to clean the deck. It has to be neutral and gentle so that it doesn’t damage the rubber. Also, this material isn’t self-leveling, so you’ll need to prep the ground beforehand to make everything look level.

Natural Stone Decking

Natural stones aren’t inexpensive by any means, but they can last you a lifetime even in a place like the outdoors where the sun is shining and the rain is pouring mercilessly. Natural stone decks or patios look gorgeous, thanks to their limitless patterns and shapes, and very lovely and warm colors.

The only downside to these decks is the fact that you will need to seal them since natural stones are rock-hard sponges that absorb almost all types of liquids on their surface. Also, this option is a bit more expensive, even than wood, so if you have the budget, only then will this material be a good option for you.

Interlocking Decking

This material is the easiest to install from the lot. Think of it like building a giant puzzle but with added strength and no seams. The installation of interlocking panels is very easy, so much so, that you can even do it by yourself if you’re feeling a bit adventurous.

What’s are the disadvantages of this option? It’s price. Interlocking panels are insanely expensive, almost reaching the price point of natural stones and that’s not something that your wallet will be happy with. Other than that, these panels are amazing and your deck will become a sight to be seen in the entire house.

Brick Decking

If you’re looking for another budget-friendly option that will add warmth to your deck, just like wood does, but is far more durable than it, then bricks will be your best bet. The warm, earthy color of the bricks and the Tetris arrangement is classic and beautiful.

With bricks, your deck will not only look amazing but it will be leveled too, so it’s perfect for lounging and even seating guests. The installation of bricks does take a bit of time, considering that small bricks have to cover the entire area, but once it’s done, you will love the rustic look.


Wooden decks are great and all, but they’re not the best when it comes to weather endurance, so try these options out and you’ll be satisfied. Need help? Get in touch with deck builders Port Jefferson for advice and deck installation.

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