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Outdoor lighting companies Port Jefferson, Long Island

We are not just another landscape lighting company. We are the best company for lighting designs for architecture, landscapes, gardens, and more. We specialize in outdoor lighting and have decades of experience making our clients' homes look better. We take our services very seriously, and we have a lot of customers who have worked with us for years and are happy with our work.

Full-service outdoor lighting company, Port Jefferson, NY

We provide various lighting solutions, from LED spotlights and floodlights to pathway lighting and string lights. Our lighting systems come in a variety of designs and functions. 

Our systems also give you a wide range of color, intensity, and placement options. We even have smart lighting options that let you remotely operate your outdoor lights with a single push of a button.

How we do it

Free in-person design consultations:

Our professional designers will work directly with you to create a custom lighting design plan that fits your property and needs. When you contact us, we inspect your property and suggest the best places to install the lights. The good thing is that you are never obligated to buy our services after the consultation.

Night demonstrations:

When you give the go-ahead, our designers set up temporary lights so you can see your property’s full potential. During our nighttime demonstration, we’ll give you a custom lighting plan and make any necessary changes on-site to make sure you’re happy before we install the lights.

Annual Maintenance:

We can service your new or existing lights and keep them shining. if any changes need to be made we will go over them with you before making them.

Existing lighting upgrades:

If you already have outdoor lights, we upgrade them to the latest systems. We update your system with low-voltage LED lights that use less energy and save you money. This will make your property look better and, at the same time, leave some money in your pocket.

Sublime, Inc.

Excellent service

At Sublime Inc, we work hard to give our customers excellent service and high-quality outdoor lighting. A well-lit outdoor area not only adds to the attractiveness of your house but also improves safety and security.

We offer the ideal lighting solution for you, whether you want to showcase the distinctive features of your property, create a warm environment for outdoor events, or boost visibility for nighttime safety.

Unlike other companies, we stand behind our work; all our products and installations come with a full warranty. We are the right company whether you want lighting solutions for your home, business, or any other outdoor space.

Our skilled technicians will work closely with you to create a customized outdoor lighting plan that suits your needs and tastes.

Are you ready to give your outdoor space a new look? Get in touch with us. Our installation process is quick and minimally invasive, ensuring that your yard remains beautiful and functional throughout the installation.

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