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What To Know When Building A Pool House?

What’s better than a swimming pool? A pool house, of course! If you have some space in your backyard and want to add a nice detail to your pool, then a pool house would be a perfect addition. You can ask pool house experts or pergola contractors to walk you through the process of building a pool house. But if you want quick information, here is what to know before building a pool house.

Pool House Building Advice

The Design

The first thing that you need to figure out is the general layout of the pool house. There are many designs of a pool house that you can choose from, but the main gist of it is a house-like construction near the pool. A pool house is usually right by the pool and it has a shaded area right by the pool and it opens into a small house where there might be furniture and other necessities. Think of it as a place for people to stay.

So, before even thinking about building a pool house, you need to know what it looks like in your head. This will help you in figuring out whether it’s even worth a shot or not.

Do You Have The Space?

The next thing you need to figure out is whether you even have the space to build a pool house or not. Usually, pool houses are anything but small, and they need a decent amount of space to be built on and still be roomy for people to walk by.

Therefore, if you want to get a pool house built near the pool, then it’s best that you have someone come in and evaluate the space you have. This will give you a clear and distinct idea of whether it’s even possible to build a pool house near the pool or not. This tip will save you from spending a lot of money.

Building Regulations

The next order of importance can save you from a potential lawsuit and you must think this through. You familiarize yourself with all the building codes in your neighborhood and state. You can’t expect to build something on your property without proper protocol and looking out for other neighbors.

Every neighborhood is different so you should visit your local building authority office and check the regulations there and if you need to acquire a permit. If all is clear, then you’ll be good to go to build a pool house. Otherwise, you’ll have to ditch the idea because anything is better than getting slapped in the face with a hefty lawsuit and being on the receiving end of angry neighbors’ meltdown.

The Materials

So, the next thing to fret your mind over is the choice of materials. Usually, there is no single material that is used for building a pool house. Much like a house, a handful of materials are used. From concrete to stones, siding materials, roofing materials, and more.

What you want to do is when selecting the materials, choose the best of the best when it comes to weather protection, longevity, and durability. You won’t regret it and the results will show after a couple of years when the pool house is subjected to bad weather, winds, and very hot or cold temperatures.

However, keep in mind that the size of the pool house and the materials determine the cost of the pool house.

Utility Connections

This is also very important when you want to build a pool house. Once the general construction is done, you want to think about the inside of the pool house. Of course, you don’t want it to be without lights or basic utilities, so it’s important that you factor those important things in.


Usually, a pool house is pretty close to the ground with just a couple of steps to reach the front. However, if you’re building a pool house, then accessibility to the construction needs to be at the forefront of your mind. Whether you want to have a ramp for anyone who is wheelchair-bound or has a hard time walking or you want to make it pet-friendly or kid-safe and install railings on the front of the house. All of this needs to be considered.

The last thing you need is for the pool house to be inaccessible for most people and that would be a waste of your money and time.

Inside The Pool House

You need to think about the inside of the pool house. Sure, you got the utilities and everything else dealt with, but we’re talking about the decoration of the pool house. You can’t build a pool house and make it look plain and boring from the inside. So, go crazy with the décor and make it as cozy, inviting, and warm as possible.

If you want, you can turn the pool house into a makeshift guest house and have a bedroom, dining table, kitchenette, and living room in it too.

The Shape Of The Pool House

We didn’t mention a critical thing that you need to go over when building a pool because we needed go into a bit detail with the pool house shape ideas. Here are some pool house designs that are quite popular.

Lexington Pool House

This is probably the most famous design for pool houses. The Lexington pool house design looks like that of a New England house. It looks like a mini house and the warmth it exudes is immaculate. You can choose the materials, but it’s usually made with durable materials to ensure that the pool house stays put and looks pretty no matter what the season is.

You can go crazy with the siding and roof designs and there is a lot of room for customization and creativity.

Hampton Pool House

The Hampton design is just like how it sounds. It has a wide front porch that overlooks the glittery swimming pool. Plus, the windows are countless bringing in lots of air and sunshine to the quaint pool house.

The Hampton pool house also has a lot of different door designs, and sometimes there are multiple entries, so you have lots of ways to get in and out of the pool house as you please while keeping privacy in mind. This design is amazing if you want to bring the vibe of the Hamptons into your backyard.

Nantucket Pool House

The Nantucket pool house design is the perfect summer retreat you need in your backyard. Its characteristics include a countertop and a spacious outdoor area where you can picture yourself grilling up a yummy and hearty barbecue for your guests and there is an abundance of warmth in this design.

It’s also not as prim and proper as a “house” because there is a large overhead covering to help you and the guests seek shelter from the blazing sun, while still enjoying the outdoor fresh air. Once you see this design, you’ll fall in love with it.


A pool house increases the appeal of your swimming pool and backyard. It looks amazing, especially if you have a decently sized backyard. For installing a pool house or asking any questions, get in touch with pool house builders Port Jefferson.

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