How To Remodel A Small Bathroom?

Small bathrooms are cute and all, but when it comes to remodeling, it might seem like the space is too small to fit in all of the creativity. Well, here are some worthwhile bathroom remodeling tips you should know.

Small Bathroom Remolding Advices

Plan It In Your Head

The most important thing to figure out when remodeling a small bathroom is to keep your imagination alive. You want to think about how the bathroom will look after the remodeling and what things go where. This is very important because you need to have a visual image of what you’re trying to bring to life.

If you want, try to draw the idea out on a piece of paper. This will include any and everything like the placement of fixtures, what color walls and floors you want, where the shower cubicle will be, where to fit the vanity or sink, etc.

This will help you plan things and the results will start to come to life. A visual plan is better than a physical one because it’s easy to tweak too. There are many useful apps that can also help you visualize the bathroom you want.

The Budget

The next order of importance is the money you will be spending on the bathroom remodel. Let’s be real: you can’t remodel a bathroom without going through the money-related issues first. You need to make a budget and set a substantial amount for things that you need to get done in the remodel.

The best way to do this is either on a spreadsheet on your computer/phone or it can also be done on paper. Write down all of the things that you need to buy for the remodel and be specific and as detailed as you want. You can always go back and filter the budget later.

Next, right by each item, you want to write down a general price. Once you add all the things together, that will be your budget. If it’s way too much, then go back and re-evaluate the list and get rid of things that don’t seem important. Another way is to wait a bit more and save money for the remodel until you have the right amount.

Decide On A Color Scheme

The color scheme is another crucial thing that you need to think about when remodeling your small and quaint bathroom.

You might think that color is something that you can go over later, but you want everything to come together in a full circle and you need to get this over with as well so that you’re not fretting over it at the last minute and selecting something that doesn’t resonate with your space. Color adds personality to the bathroom. So, don’t neglect it.

The Floor Plan

For small bathrooms, the floor plan is also vital to go through. The smarter you are about the floor plan, the more space you’ll have in your bathroom and the easier it will be to get around the space and do things. You need to go for a simple and spacious floor plan with everything on the side of the walls.

In this way, you will have plenty of room to walk freely in the center of the bathroom and everything will be sorted out beautifully too. Having an open floor plan also makes it easier for you to go from one side of the bathroom to the other without constantly bumping into things. This is a general rule for small bathrooms.

Sneak In Some Storage

Storage is always necessary, no matter what size bathroom you have. For smaller bathrooms, you need to think about smart ways to incorporate storage without compromising on the space. If you can, go for recessed closets that take up no floor space and have abundant storage in them.

Also, mirrored walls with cabinets are super trendy right now and they’re amazing for smaller bathrooms because not only do they look stylish, but they have a lot of storage in them as well and that’s ultimately the goal for you.

Contemporary & Classic Fusion

When remodeling a bathroom, you need to think about the aesthetic and the overall vibe. You want it to look classy, but not overly trendy. You need to go for a fusion of classic and contemporary so that your bathroom looks timeless but it has that modern flair to it as well.

You can look for many inspirational photos to get an idea of the perfect bathroom, but you need to give it some thought if you don’t want to constantly change the look of the space.

DIY Some Stuff

DIY is always an option. There are a lot of things in a bathroom that can be DIYed. You can paint the walls by yourself, install some fixtures if you know good ole handy work around the house, and fix some electrical issues while you are at it.

You can leave the big stuff for the contractor, but it’s important that you’re involved in the process too because at the end of the day, it’s your bathroom and you need to get your hands dirty to make it look perfect. But this isn’t always the case, which leads us to the next point.

Hire A Contractor

If you’re not someone who excels in DIY projects, then it might not be the best time to experiment. DIY-ing things are only for people who have some skills for the task at hand. If you’re new to the DIY realm, then your best bet would be to hire a contractor and hand them all of the work.

They know what they have to do and you just need to guide them through the process and everything will be a smooth sail from that point onwards. Just make sure that you’re hiring a professional with good reviews and you’ll be good to go.

Make It Advanced

It doesn’t hurt to add a bit of advancement to your small bathroom. Just because it’s not generously spacy, doesn’t mean that it can’t pack a modern punch. You can add things like self-warming floors, steaming showers, towel racks that warm up instantly, and other things.

You’ll not only make your life easier, but a modern and advanced bathroom catches the eye of everyone and you might even get a great deal when you go ahead and sell your house in the future. Buyers might even want to throw in some extra cash to sweeten the deal.

Have Everything Prepared

Once you know how you want the remodeling to go and when the next step is to hire a contractor, make sure that you have everything ready to go. Buy all of the supplies needed for the remodeling project because once the contractor gets to work, it’s time and you can’t bide your time, otherwise there will be overhead charges that will make the bill swell.

So, be prepared and buy the materials after consulting a contractor so that there are no delays in the remodel.


Small bathrooms shouldn’t be neglected and these tips will not only make the space more functional but also make the space a treat for the eyes. As mentioned earlier, you should do some research when picking a bathroom remodeling contractor Port Jefferson because you want someone who can understand your vision and can also suggest ideas if required.

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