Too Many People Make These Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Are you remodeling your bathroom? Well, if it’s your first time doing anything related to bathroom remodeling, then there is a risk of making mistakes. So, here are some popular mistakes that people make which you need to avoid when remodeling your bathroom.

Not Having A Budget

Before remodeling your bathroom, you must have an idea of how much it will cost. Sure, you might not have a problem with money, but that’s not the case with everyone. Do your research and find out what is the cost of a regular bathroom remodel. You wouldn’t believe how many people fail to plan their budget and the cost exceed what they had in mind.

So, don’t be the person who doesn’t plan, especially when it comes to money because you want to get everything done in an allocated budget so that you don’t fall victim to the “Oops! Oh well” moment.

Not Planning

Half the battle of remodeling a bathroom is ensuring that you’ve planned it well. What exactly do you need to plan, you ask? For starters, you can plan how much time it will take for the remodeling to get done. Next, you will want to buy the materials and fixtures you need for the remodeling beforehand as well. You might be thinking that this is a bad idea, but it’s not.

Not getting the stuff on time and then having to rush the process will not only leave you unsettled, but it will also cost you a lot in the end. The contractors are being paid for their time, and if you make them wait too long, then all of the expenses are going to fall on your shoulders.

If you don’t want that to happen, you will have to take some responsibility and plan things. You’ll thank yourself later.

Not Knowing What You Want

This is also something that a lot of people struggle with during home improvement projects. More than half of the people don’t even know what they want. They have no idea what they want, what materials are the best, etc. This is not a good thing because if you don’t know what you want, then the contractor doesn’t either and you’ll end up with a space that doesn’t resonate with your taste at all.

This is why it’s crucial to go through inspiration photos and find something that works for you and then try to embody that inspiration as much as you can by discussing everything with your contractor. This will also help in determining which materials you will need and how much time the project will take.

Not Sticking To A Certain Theme

Themes in a bathroom? Well, it’s more like a layout and how the bathroom looks in the end. Bathroom themes are mostly concerned with the general color scheme of the space, the layout of the floor, and the placement of things.

If you think about it, it’s really important to have a solid idea about these things because you seldom remodel your bathroom so you must think about these things, otherwise, once everything has been set, there’s no turning back.

Ignoring Storage

There’s no such thing as “too much storage”. You need to think about sneaky as well as general storage spaces else your bathroom just won’t be the same. Try to give it some thought. Even if you have a small bathroom and you think that there isn’t a lot of space for storage, then think again. Because this is where you can be as discreet as possible. Storage is something that will make you miss it once it’s not there, so don’t take this thought lightly.

Not Prioritizing Quality

This can happen to most of us. During bathroom remodeling, it’s tempting to set quality on the side and go for things that fit within your budget bracket. Well, this is inevitable if you haven’t thought about your budget. Low-quality fixtures and materials are never going to last long, no matter how cool they look.

Therefore, you need to put quality at the forefront of your priorities. Yes, some things might be more expensive than you can imagine, but you will be surprised by how long they will last and you will seldom need to replace them. So, the next time you’re thinking about remodeling, choose high-quality materials.

Going Overboard With Patterns

Some people like a little bit of drama – or too much for that matter. Well, too many patterns can mess with the balance of the space and it can look like an eyesore instead of a visual treat. It doesn’t mean that you can’t go for patterns. You just have to do it smartly.

For instance, patterned floors and walls are amazing, but covering every square inch of the walls and floors in bold and blaring patterns is going to end up looking overbearing. So, mix in neutrality and patterns and you’ll get the best of both worlds.

The Balance Of Lighting

You have heard it a million times to prioritize lighting in your bathroom. Well, sometimes, people take it a bit too far. Yes, you want your bathroom to be well-lit and illuminated, but you also don’t want the light to be blaring in your eyes. This is why a perfect balance of lighting is super important.

Thinking You Can Do It Yourself

This is tempting to do, especially if you’re someone who knows a bit of handy work around the house. Hate to break it to you but not everything is DIY-able uncles you do home improvement for a living. You will need to call in experts for the majority of the remodel. Professional fittings and finishes can’t be copied and DIY work will look botched, no matter how hard you try to perfect it.

So, instead of worrying about it, let the big guys handle all of the stuff. Yes, you’ll need to pay more as compared to if you were to do it by yourself, but the results will be worth it as long as you hire experienced remodelers.

Having No Ventilation

You can’t forget about ventilation. It will come as a surprise to you if you know how many people tend to forget about this crucial thing. If there’s no ventilation in the bathroom, then it will be humid in there at all times, things won’t dry as quickly and over time, mold infestation will be inevitable. That’s scary and downright filthy!

Therefore, don’t be that person and keep ventilation at the forefront of your mind. You will not regret it.

Falling For Trends

You would want your bathroom to follow the trends. But the thing with trends is that they change pretty quickly. What is trendy now, will look old the next year. And most people don’t remodel their bathroom every year. So, avoid following trends and try to make your bathroom design timeless.

You can also make the expensive and hard-to-remove items classic and inexpensive and easy-to-remove things trendy.


A bathroom remodel sounds pretty easy, and it is if you don’t fall into the endless pit of mistakes. So, avoid these mistakes and hire a reliable bathroom remolding contractor Port Jefferson who can complete the project successfully on time and without flaws.

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