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Metal Siding: Pros & Cons And Ideas

When renovating and remodeling the exterior of your house, siding is also an important thing to take into consideration. Siding helps to keep the foundation and walls of the house protected from harsh weather, water and sun damage, and more. And it will do its job better if installed by a siding contractor. Here are some ups and downs of one of the most popular siding materials – metal.

Pros And Cons Of Metal Siding

It’s important that you know what things make or break metal sidings and what features make this material popular among the masses.

It’s Expensive

Metal sidings are very sleek, the maintenance is next to none, the appearance is to die for and it can transform your house for the better. But all of these qualities come with a hefty price tag.

Metal siding is probably the most expensive siding option out of all materials. However, this material is extremely loved by people and they don’t mind the investment.

It’s Durable

Metal is one of the strongest materials out there and if you want something that’s going to last you forever, then this is the option you want to go for. Metal is extremely low-maintenance and it doesn’t crack or chip like cement, concrete, and bricks. The installation is pretty easy too because it’s extremely lightweight.

Whether there’s pouring rain outside or the sun is blazing daggers everywhere, the metal siding will not budge at all and its average life is anywhere between 15 to 30 years, which is a huge plus if you don’t want to constantly slave over replacing sidings.

Keeps Animals Away

One of the biggest concerns of sidings is the fact that there can be small crawl spaces in between the siding and the actual walls where small animals, insects, and critters can take refuge. This can be pretty hard to deal with because the space in the siding isn’t accessible at most times. And once you tear away the layer, you’ll see the infestation of animals and insects that can ultimately rot the foundation of the house.

Metal, however, doesn’t cause this issue and there is no hidden crevice or space that can allow animals to burrow inside.

Dents Can Occur

Dents in your wallet aren’t the only thing you should be worrying about when considering metal sidings. Metal, as durable as it is, can dent under high forces. If something smashes head-on with a metal siding, then scratches and dents can be the norm. While the weather isn’t the main culprit in this case, there still can be external factors that can cause deep dents in the sidings.

Stone and brick sidings, in this case, are better options to go for because they won’t budge much, especially if something like a heavy stone hits the siding. However, the same can’t be said for metal sidings.

Has High Temperature Resistance

Metal is naturally quite resistant to high temperatures and this makes it a great insulating siding for your house. If you live in a climate, where it’s hot and humid all year round and you don’t want your electricity bill to go through the roof, by blasting the air conditioning, then metal is going to help you out a lot.

Because of their atomic makeup, metals never trap heat inside and they keep the surrounding area insulated. Although metal can get hot to the touch, it will not radiate heat inside. On top of that, heat can’t do much damage to this material either because metal is extremely heat resistant.

It Can Rust

A major drawback of metal siding is that it can rust in corrosive environments. If you live near the ocean and the air is salty and corrosive, then metal sidings can rust easily.

There are ways by which you can prevent metal siding from rusting like applying a coat of anti-rust paint and more, there’s still a lingering possibility that your siding can get damaged and rusty after some time, especially if it’s exposed to the salt concentrated air for longer periods of time.

Metal Siding Ideas

Here are some amazing metal siding ideas that will blow your mind away.

Cabin Style Siding

If you want to capture the essence of a cabin in the woods, then metal can be used to add that appeal. Metal sidings, in deep and rustic colors, will go wonderfully with your house and they will add that cozy and warm characteristic to your entire space.

A Modern Vibe

Metal is a very modern siding material and it can be installed to give your house a futuristic and minimal appeal. Go with lighter colors and opt for siding with vertical or horizontal lines because that’s going to blend in with the rest of the house effortlessly.

Also, it’s also going to give an illusion of elongated walls, making your stubby and narrow house look a lot more spacious and grand from the outside.

Country Style Siding

Who says you can get a country-style vibe only with wood? Siding materials have come a long way and with metal, there are many options to choose from. You can make metal look like wood and that’s going to give a beautiful yet rough and tough appearance to your house.

Metal siding will go perfectly with pointed and flat roofs alike and there isn’t much that you can mess up with this versatile material. Even if there are multiple roofs, metal sidings, with the right texture and color, will make the whole exterior look cohesive.

A Colorful Flair

A pop of color is going to make your house stand out and the right color can bring out the trims and features of the exterior even more. The best color choices to go for are neutral and pastel colors because they bring out the windows, doors, and different opening cavities. If you have contrasting trims to go with that specific siding color, then the whole house will look phenomenal.

These colors won’t make your house look animated at all, rather it gives off a distinct vibe that you’re going to fall in love with.

Farmhouse, But Make It Luxurious

If your house is more like a farmhouse and you want to jazz it up a notch, then incorporating metal siding will do wonders. The combination of a rustic farmhouse and modern metal siding is going to give a contemporary feel to your house without making it too obvious or dramatic.

The best choice of metal siding to go for is something with a vertical design like battens and boards. They’re going to blend in seamlessly and your house is going to look elevated in style. You can also add pretty pops of color here and there, like bold trims, to make the house look even more sophisticated.


Metal sidings are a great option if your priority is the durability and insulation of the house. There are also some downsides to this specific siding as well, and now you know everything there is to it, as well as some design ideas for your next exterior improvement project. To avoid most of the problems associated with metal siding, buy high quality metal sidings and only get in touch with reputed siding companies Port Jefferson.

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