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10 Questions To Ask Yourself When Building A Deck

Decks are great for a number of reasons. They provide extra space where you can lounge, relax, and even entertain a crowd. They’re also attractive features to add to your house if you want to add more value to your property. But before getting a deck installed by a deck builder or by yourself, here are some questions you need answers to.

What’s the use of a deck anyway?

First and foremost, you want to figure out why you’re actually building a deck and what it’s going to be used for.

Are you building a deck to host parties with that extra space? Are you going to use it as a lounging area in the pleasant evenings? Are you even going to use it? These questions are really important to ask yourself because you need to have some sort of utility for the deck, otherwise, it’s just a waste of time and money.

If you’re going to build a deck, then you might as well use it to your advantage rather than have it sitting around collecting dust. So, if you’re on a building kick, then it’s a good idea to take a step back and logically think it through.

What should be the designs of the deck?

Another very important thing to ask yourself before building a deck, is whether or not you even have a design in mind. How do you want the layout of the deck to look? Do you want a small or a large deck?

If the deck is for entertainment purposes, then does it need an outdoor cooking and serving area? Where do you want the deck to face, to get the most amazing outdoor view?

Again, these things are really important to plan so that you’re not blank when it’s actually time to build and design a deck.

How to blend the deck with the house?

The deck can be accessible from various parts of your house. You can have a sliding door in the back of your house that leads to the patio or deck. There can be access from the basement or a different room to the deck.

You need to figure out the exact place where you want your deck to blend in seamlessly with your house. This doesn’t seem like much work, but it’s a pretty crucial design aspect and it’s the very thing that can make or break the utility of a deck.

So, it’s better to hit the drawing board first and figure out where you want the deck to lead its way from the interior of your house.

What are the decking material options?

Now that you’re getting closer to the actual building phase of the deck, it’s time to go over the material options available for building a deck. Keep in mind that the deck is going to be an outdoor space and it’s going to be at the mercy of the blazing sun, ferocious downpours, and heavy winds, so you want to select a material that’s going to withstand everything.

Some great material choices for decking are composite, PVC, and untreated wood, with composite decking being the best because it’s low maintenance and extremely durable.

Does my deck need railings?

Railings on a deck are a thing of preference for most people. If you have small children in your house and if they have open access to the deck, then railings are a must because decks without railings can pose a huge risk of falling.

If you don’t want to go for the traditional railing option, then you can go for a glass-encased deck. It looks extremely beautiful and it will add that touch of edge to your deck. If your deck isn’t at a height and is just an extension outside your house, then there’s no need for a railing.

What should be level of the deck

Speaking of height, the level of the deck is also extremely important to go over. This boils down to the fact that where your deck is protruding from outside the house. If the deck is the extension of your ground level, then there’s no height or level to it and you can easily step down the deck, as you would a stair.

However, if your deck is at a height, like on the level of the first floor, then you can either go for a floating deck or have a stairwell to easily come down from it and that’s also a great and modern idea.

How much will it cost?

Let’s talk about finances because building a deck isn’t child’s play. If you’re serious about building a deck, then you must allocate a certain amount of money, for the materials, the contractor (if you’re having the deck built professionally), and other miscellaneous things.

You want to do your research when setting a budget for a deck because all decks are different and you don’t want to overspend on your deck. If you can, look at the reviews of different contractors to get quotes from multiple contractors.

Can I build a deck?

If you’re trying to look into the option of building a deck by yourself, then you’re setting yourself up for a challenge. If you’re great with work around the house and you’ve done similar projects like this before, then it shouldn’t be too hard.

However, if you’re new to the realm of DIY projects, then it’s better that you don’t take it upon yourself to build a complex thing like a deck just to “save some money” because you’ll end up wasting a lot of it let alone save or get the job done cheaper. If you’re interested, watch and learn how the contractor will build the deck for you so you can do repairs and other refinishing yourself.

Is the decking contractor I’m hiring is experienced enough?

If you’re opting for a professional to have your deck built, then you need to search for a professional and highly skilled worker for the job. It’s good to research different companies and having a look at the work and the client’s reviews will tell you a lot as well.

You want to ensure that the contractor gets your idea whether they can get a permit for building it (if your area allows it) or not, and that they know what materials are the best to build a durable deck for your house. Once you find the right contractor, the rest will be a breeze.

What’s the project timeline?

Lastly, you want to figure out a timeline in which the deck installation will be completed. This is something your contractor will tell you after getting a look at the area where your deck needs to be built and the type of deck you have in mind.

Building a deck can take anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks, and this time frame is important to establish because you don’t want to fall victim to the delay fees and other hidden costs which can be huge nuisances in themselves.


A deck sounds like a wonderful thing if you’re looking to extend the exterior of your house and make it a nice place to chill out for a bit. These queries are going to ensure that you’re on the right track, and getting everything done in an organized way. Make sure to hire an experienced deck contractor Port Jefferson who is skilled in building durable outdoor spaces.

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