Kitchen Remodeling Timeline: How Long Does Each Step Take?

When you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, the most important factor that you consider is the time it will take to complete. Here is the entire timeline for your kitchen remodeling. Keep in mind that this timeline is for a full kitchen remodel. Partial or specific remodels will take much less time. So, let’ get started!


The first and most crucial step of kitchen remodeling is the demolishing or removing parts of the existing kitchen. This is necessary because you need to remove everything that you don’t need anymore and have a clean slate to start the actual remodeling process.

Demolishing can take anywhere from 5 to 8 days depending on how much stuff you want to get rid of and if any hard-to-reach areas could take a bit more time. If you’re trying to preserve the kitchen and only going for a specific remodel, where you don’t want the whole thing to be demolished, then it might take a bit more time because the workers have to be careful around the places that you want to keep. However, if you want to completely get rid of the existing layout of the kitchen, then that is doable within the above-mentioned time frame.

It’s best that you have a temporary kitchen somewhere else while your existing space is being remodeled because it will be inaccessible for the time being. Also, if your kitchen is on the same floor as your bedroom and living room, then you might want to consider moving out for a couple of days, at least until the ruckus settles down.

New Additions/Changes

Sometimes, you want to change the entire outlook of the kitchen. You want to change where the windows are, the floor plan of the kitchen as well as the places where things will go.

This is a huge deal and it needs a considerable amount of time to get done. This will take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to take things away and add new structures to finally get the perfect result.

Plumbing & Electrical Work

This is also another important thing that you need to take care of. Plumbing issues and electrical connections are dealt with and this work can be wrapped up within 6 days if there is no major issue with the infrastructure of the kitchen. This step is crucial, so make sure that you’re getting it done by the best of the best people out there. You will thank yourself in the future.

If you kitchen remodeling is minor, you can skip this, but you should get the plumbing and electrical checked and if there are issues, they must be fixed else you might have to demolish some parts of the kitchen again to fix the plumbing and electrical.

Painting The Walls

Paint job is also another thing that not only makes the kitchen look visually appealing but also adds that personalized touch to the entire space. Painting needs to be done after the installation of insulation panels and drywall. After this, the primer and paint can be applied to the walls.

This process takes anywhere between 6 to 8 days. If your space is small, then it can get wrapped up quickly too, but you don’t want to rush this process or any other process for that matter if you want the best results. So, let the contractor do their job because you’ll reach the finish line eventually.

Installing Floors

The floors are also an important and time-consuming part of the entire kitchen remodeling process. There are a lot of floor options that can be installed before the cabinets, and there are also some that can’t be installed unless everything is done and dealt with first. Hardwood, tile, and ceramic floors can be installed before the cabinets, while laminate and vinyl floors have a flexible installation and they can be installed after the fact.

Regardless, it will take around a week to get the floors installed altogether, so hold onto your patience.

Installing Cabinets

This can be done simultaneously as other things are being installed, but cabinet installation is also crucial because your new kitchen might have different dimensions and you probably might need to change up your cabinets.

Cabinets are available either pre-made or you can get them fabricated according to the dimensions of your existing space. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to give it about 3 to 6 days for everything to be ready and installed in the frame. Don’t worry about the fixtures just yet because they’re part of the final touches.


You can’t forget about the countertops now, can you? Countertops installation also takes a bit of time and if you haven’t selected the material and fabricated it beforehand, then it might take you even longer.

Usually, it’s recommended that you have all of this done before the actual installation because it will not only save you time but delay fees as well. However, not a lot of people do that because they fear that the countertops won’t fit unless the new measurements are taken, which is a valid concern. So, it might take you anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to get the countertops fabricated, designed, and installed in your remodeled kitchen.

Finishing Details

After dealing with the important stuff, the next thing to do is add in the final touches. This can be anything from fixing the small nicks in the paint job, screwing on the cabinet hardware, adding in the last details to the sink and countertops, and also backsplash installation is included in this step.

This step doesn’t take a lot of time but one week to 10 days is necessary to get everything in place without rushing the process. You’ll see your kitchen coming together in this step and you’ll love the results.


The next important thing to do is to set up the appliances. This is the part where most of the heavy work is done and now it’s safe to set in your appliances and designate places to them. Things like your refrigerator, coffee machine, electric/gas stove top, oven, and other appliances that sit on the countertops can be installed. This is probably the easiest and fastest thing in the entire kitchen remodel and it can take only 1 to 2 days to get completed. Now, your kitchen remodel is complete. But there is one more step to go.


You’ll want to have the entire remodeled kitchen cleaned as well. After everything has been done, your kitchen will look new, but there also might be a lot of junk, dirt, and debris that needs to be taken care of.

This is the time when you will clean the entire kitchen, wipe the surfaces clean, and also make arrangements for junk removal. This will take anywhere between 2 and 3 days to complete. This step is crucial because after that, you can immediately start working in your new and improved kitchen without all of the mess and fuss.


With this timeline, you’ll have a rough estimate as to when you can expect each process of your kitchen remodeling project to get completed. Hire an experienced kitchen remodeling contractor Port Jefferson who can give you a realistic estimate of the time frame for the remodeling and can also stay on the schedule.

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