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Pergolas With Walls: 11 Best Ideas

Backyards can be turned into a style statement with decks and pergolas. Here are some pergola ideas with walls from pergola contractors that will not only keep privacy on the forefront but the look will also be beautiful.

Pergola Walls Ideas

Square Pergola With Slotted Walls

If square pergolas are more your thing, and you want to add that cherry on top by incorporating walls, then this idea has you covered from the front to the back. A square pergola looks very minimal and futuristic, but the addition of slots for walls is what makes the whole thing pop.

Your backyard will certainly look like a dream and lounging in this pergola will be a treat for the soul. A square pergola also gives more structure and strength to the foundation and it’s very sturdy as compared to its circular counterpart.

Half Slots

If you want to add walls on your pergola, but aren’t too sure about full-blown walls, then this idea is perfect to go for. You can always choose half-slotted walls as they’re the best of both worlds. You can get the privacy you need, but there’s also ample space for you to enjoy the sun and the view without anything blocking it and that’s perfect.

Depending on where you want the slots to begin, they can either be top or bottom-covering slots and both designs will add that something-something to your pergola.

Side Slotting Pergola

This is another idea that’s a perfect liaison between a no-wall pergola and a sheltered pergola. Sometimes, according to the orientation of the pergola, you can certainly go for just a side wall. If your pergola for an attached patio, then almost all of it is already covered. The area that’s not covered can be easily concealed with a wall.

This is essentially a pergola with a singular side wall and it looks quite edgy, yet barely there, so it’s perfect if you’re not too sure about which pergola to go for or which way to add privacy to your outdoor living space because this one is going to cover all of the bases.

Pergola With Glass Walls

If you’re feeling a bit fancy and want to turn the pergola into an elegant and chic place to chill and even host parties and dinners for guests, then a pergola with glass walls is going to blow your mind away. This wall idea is going to transform your plain pergola into a nature observatory, from where you can admire the greenery and lush beauty of plants.

This idea is perfect for people who already have a pergola in their forest-like backyard and want to add that extra hint of pizzazz to the structure. However, you will need to keep it clean to get the clear view.

Pergola With Drapes

Who says walls have to be solid? If you can’t commit to permanent walls surrounding the pergola, then you can certainly go for this idea, which has flowy drapes for walls. Installing drapes on your pergola is easy and the result will be ethereal. The best part? You can remove the drapes and turn it into a traditional pergola with no walls. So, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

This is also a much more reasonable wall idea for a pergola because getting walls installed on a pergola is going to hurt your wallet, but these harmless drapes will do their duty and you’ll love the look of it as well.

Decorative Wall Panels

This is an idea that’s perfect for the creatively skewed people out there. Sometimes, plain walls just don’t cut it for people and they want a bit more. So, what about decorative wall panels that have intricate designs on them?

This wall pattern is very reminiscent of Victorian pergolas and it will add that touch of sweetness and distinction to your pergola. So, if decorated walls are more up your alley, then go ahead because you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results in the end.

Stenciled Walls

Want to take things up a notch? Then choose pergola walls that are stenciled. This wall design is so intricate and beautiful that it feels too good to be true. It’s an example of excellent craftsmanship. How the wood panels are hollowed out from different areas to create stencils of stunning patterns is a million-buck look.

Keep in mind, however, that these walls are going to cost you a bit more because of the very details etched onto them. But since this is a small pergola, you can certainly get away with not spending too much and achieving amazing and stare-worthy results.

Lattice Walls

You’ve heard of lattice roofs, but lattice walls? Well, you’re in for a treat because as beautiful as these walls look, you will also be getting unmatched strength due to the way these walls are weaved.

Lattice, as you already know, is the overlapping of different slabs over one another to create a stunning picnic basket-type pattern that is absolutely to die for. A pergola with lattice walls is not something you see every day, but if you want to go for it, then you’ll be making your pergola the center of attention.

Stained Glass Walls

Do you want to make your pergola look more romantic yet mysterious? Well, this wall idea will do just that. Stained glass is a level-up from traditional glass panels and it’s safe to say that these walls will rock you to the core.

The beauty of stained glass is just so alluring with all of the different colors meshed in different shapes and formations like a mosaic made in heaven. When the light shines just right on the stained glass panels, the color burst will appear amazing and the whole structure will be the epitome of beauty.

Sliding Walls

If the tech geek in you yearns to get sated, then you might want to consider this idea from the future. What if you want walls for your pergola half of the time and no walls for the remainder of the time? Well, you can certainly bring this idea to life with a boost from technology.

Think of automatic sliding garage doors but for the pergola. This wall idea is seldom seen, but it’s a wonderful one to make your pergola a showstopper in the backyard. All you need for this is an automatic opening and closing mechanism for the walls and you’re good to go.

Rustic Paneled Walls

If you are a die-hard lover of hardwood and want to incorporate its rustic and timeless beauty in your pergola, then why not go for wooden panels as walls? These panels are great because they look kind of undone, in the best way, and the rough and tough appeal of wood is what makes the pergola look so majestic with a splash of much-needed privacy. You will fall in love with your pergola all over again with this wall idea.


Pergolas can be built with or without walls, but if you feel like the former option is better, then these ideas are a must to consider. There many ways to convert your pergola into a low-key outdoor room with walls. Get more ideas from custom pergola builders Long Island and be amazed.

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