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7 Useful Tips For Choosing The Right Gazebo

If you want to spruce up your backyard, then a very simple way to do so is to build a gazebo. But if you don’t know how to choose the right gazebo for your backyard and how gazebo and pergola contractors help out in the process, follow below.

Pick A Style

First things first, you need to understand the fact that the style of the gazebo isn’t synonymous with the type of gazebo. It has to do more with the existing space you have and how you want to incorporate a gazebo into the space. For example, if you have a small backyard, you can’t go above and beyond with the size and style of the gazebo because it will only be a waste of money and you won’t be able to get it to fit in the backyard either.

So, whenever you’re looking at different gazebo designs you need to keep the style in mind too. Either you want to go for a smaller stout gazebo or you want something more prominent and huge to compliment other things in your backyard.

Decide On The Size

The next order of importance is the size of the gazebo. For this, you need to consider your backyard space as well. The place where the gazebo is going to be needs to be big enough to let the natural and rustic beauty of the gazebo shine through.

So, you must take some measurements before actually getting a gazebo built. The size matters a lot because you don’t want to get something that’s going to throw everything off balance and make the whole backyard look weird. Instead, you want the space to look balanced and beautiful.

Next Up – Materials

This is the super fun part and that is getting to choose the materials. If you’re creative, then you’re going to love this step because it’s all about evaluating different materials and seeing which one goes with not only your backyard but also the weather requirements.

There are many materials used for building gazebos so you will have a lot to choose from. You can opt for wood, composite, vinyl, metal (although it’s very uncommon), and a bunch of other options.

You want to choose durable and weather-friendly materials because some materials like unsealed wood root with moisture and you will need to maintain it more often. That’s not a fun time at all and it can take away the aspect of beauty from the gazebo if the material isn’t resistant to winds, water, and mold.

The Placement Of The Gazebo

After you have decided on all of the basic things, it is time to move on to the placement of the gazebo. You don’t want to just randomly prop up a gazebo wherever you please. There is a lot of thought that goes into the right arrangement of the place where the gazebo is going to stand majestically tall.

You need to figure out the perfect place in your backyard from where the gazebo is not only visible but can also improve the beauty of your backyard and your house. If you want, you can place the gazebo somewhere in the middle of the backyard, or if you have a patio, then you can add a gazebo as an extension of the house as well and that will look super amazing.

The Use Of The Gazebo

Are you going to use the gazebo for aesthetics only? Or do you have other ideas in mind like a change of scenery for the guests or do you want to transform it into your comfortable sanctuary? You’re going to need the answers to all of these questions before you can have a gazebo built in your backyard.

The primary use of the gazebo is important to consider because it will allow everything to fall into place and you will find that the selection of materials, designs, and styles will be much easier.

The Stability & Maintenance

You need to think about the ground where the gazebo will stand. You want to ensure that the gazebo will be stable on the ground where you’re installing it, so the soil shouldn’t be too soft or mushy. It must be hard and pliable so that it supports the foundation and the weight of the structure.

Secondly, you shouldn’t go for a material that’s going to require a lot of maintenance, otherwise, the appeal of it will be ruined. So, choose a gazebo material that’s easy to maintain like composite.

Types Of Gazebos To Consider

There are a lot of types of gazebos to choose from and here are some very common yet popular designs that you will fall in love with.

Canopy Gazebos

If you want to capture the look of a tent, but want the gazebo to be stronger and more permanent, then this design is the one to go for. Canopy gazebos have straight and pointed roofs and the posts or pillars are either 4 or 6 in number to give the structure a bit more support and integrity.

This is perfect if you have a bit more space to work with because these gazebos are generally bigger and they take up a considerable amount of space.

Pop-Up Gazebos

These are temporary gazebos and they are usually made out of fabrics. So, think of it like a temporary canopy gazebo, but it’s something that you can install and take off as many times as you need. Cool, right?

This design can be excellent for people who are indecisive and can’t make up their minds whether they want a gazebo or not. Keep in mind though that this gazebo is pretty fragile and can’t sustain the strong wind gusts and temperatures.

Gazebo With Walls

Don’t take this in the literal sense. Gazebos typically don’t have walls, but they can give the illusion of having them. You can certainly go for this type of gazebo if you’re lacking in the space department and want something that’s going to look beautiful in your quaint backyard.

This gazebo has 4 pillars on each side making it look like a square and it also has curtains attached to the top, which can also be tied to the sides of the posts. These curtains and posts combined give the effect of walls around a gazebo. A lot of the time, there are glass or acrylic doors for people to come in and out of the gazebo.

Dome-Shaped Gazebos

These gazebos are exactly what they sound like. This is a very soft design and perfect if you want to make your backyard look more romantic. The top of the gazebo is arched like a dome and it looks stunning like an observatory surrounded by greenery. If you want to add some softness to your brittle backyard, then this design is the one to go for.


Gazebos are not only beautiful, but they can also be functional and turn into great areas for outdoor gatherings and parties. Now you know exactly what type and style of a gazebo would be the best for you. So, consult a gazebo builder Long Island and communicate your requirements them to get some amazing work done. If you’re confused, they can also give you great suggestions.

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