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10 Deck Building Mistakes You Must Avoid

If you want to make your backyard cozy and more of a living space, then incorporating a deck can be an awesome idea. But building a deck isn’t all that easy, so here are some common deck building mistakes that most people make which is why hiring deck builders is so critical.

Not Figuring Out The Location

So, you’ve decided that you want a deck in your backyard, but hold up! Did you decide the proper place where your deck is going to be? This is important because this is the place where a huge deck is going to be, for a long time and you need to figure out the perfect location where you can put this deck. Installing a deck without planning is like thinking without a head.

Whenever you hire a contractor for the job, they will ask you about the place where you want the deck to go, and if you’re blank at that moment, then you certainly are in big trouble. So, before being hasty and making decisions that you’re going to regret, try to think things through and figure out where you want the deck to go, where it should face, how big it should be, and all that.

Once you have that figured out, you will have a much clearer picture in your mind, regarding how the deck will look in the end. And of course, contractors can also help you out in choosing the right location for you deck.

Not Choosing The Right Material

Decks might seem pretty simple to build, but they are anything but. For example, you have to figure out what material is the best for your deck. There are several materials to choose from and you don’t want to go for something blindly. Think of the properties of the material, the quality, and the durability, before you make any decision.

Usually, composite, vinyl, and PVC are some amazing choices that people go for because they’re durable, weather-friendly and they’re also not as high-maintenance as compared to other materials. So, do your research and choose a few good options to get suggestions about from your contractor. For instance, wood is also a popular decking material but it requires more maintenance than composite, PVC, and vinyl.

Not Checking The Ground Beforehand

The deck will be installed in the ground with the help of posts, bolts and some big planks, so a very common mistake that people make is assuming that the ground underneath is totally fine and a deck can be installed smack on top of the foundation. Well, that is not entirely true. You need to check the ground before installing a deck on it, otherwise you’re just making things a lot worse.

If the ground is loose and the soil is not sturdy, then the deck will slip and slide and it’s only a matter of time before the deck will be damaged. This is why it’s really important to have your ground checked to make sure whether the deck can even be installed or not.

Not Attaching The Ribbon Board Properly

Think of the ribbon board as a foundation on which the deck planks will be placed. It’s a flat board that’s placed on top of the ground and then the planks are laid on top of that. The ribbon board needs to be attached and secured firmly to the ground to prevent slipping and sliding and that’s something that a lot of people can forget.

Not Using The Right Fasteners

Decks, especially the ones that are planks, rather than singular units, need to be attached to neighboring planks with bolts and screws. This is where many people can mess up. Certain bolts are specifically made for decks and they are meant to hold everything in place.

You can’t just use any bolt to secure the planks, otherwise, the results won’t be the same and the planks won’t have structural integrity. So, whenever you’re installing a deck, just make sure that you’re using the right bolts that come with the planks.

Cramping Your Backyard

Proportion is really important when it comes to deck building. You won’t want to go for a deck that’s going to throw your backyard off-balance. This is why having ideas and inspiration is so important because you can find things that will fit your backyard easily and you can also get a vague idea as to how you should build your deck.

You don’t want to go for a super large deck that covers all of the parts of your backyard because that’s not going to look good. You want to go for a decent-sized deck that will complement the space.

Incorrect Spacing Between The Planks

Here is another mistake that doesn’t only look ugly but can be a tripping hazard too. A lot of the time, and this goes for decks that are installed in the form of planks, there can be very big gaps between the planks and that is usually for water to drain down, but you don’t need gas to be big enough that the whole deck looks disproportionate.

If there are huge gaps in between the planks like something greater than 1/4th of an inch, then that’s an issue and your shoes can easily get stuck in them and you can fall. Not to mention, it’s also not as appealing to see gaps in a deck.

Not Having Handrails

If you are planning on building a deck for your house, have you considered getting railings? Railings are important if your deck is at a certain height and you don’t want anyone falling off it. This is important to consider and a lot of the time, it can slip through the minds of people, so always make this thing a priority. Handrails are good for both ground-level decks and raised decks.

Not Having Entry And Exit Points

An unplanned deck can have many loops and holes in the installation. For instance, if you didn’t think about the entry and exit from the deck, then what are you doing? This is a really important thing to consider.

Usually, decks are made with entries from the house and they can also open up from the outside and you can come and go as you please, but a deck without an entry and exit is just bonkers and a person have to be pretty absent-minded to forget about this crucial fact.

Not Following The Rules

You need to think about the laws and regulations of the state and the neighborhood where you’re living. Sometimes, building decks can be an unlawful act if you don’t get a permit first. So, if you want to build a deck, then you need to check in with the authorities first and ensure that you’re staying within your boundaries.

The last thing you want is someone running a complaint against you. So, be safe and careful when thinking about building a deck because it’s not going to be easy in certain areas and cities.


These mistakes are more common than you can imagine, so keep them at bay if you’re planning to build a deck in your backyard. And make sure to work with reliable deck contractors Port Jefferson who can properly install a deck keeping safety, aesthetics, and durability in mind.

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