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What You Should Know When Building A Gazebo?

Gazebos in the backyard not only look appealing, but it’s practical in every sense of the word. A gazebo is a perfect way to jazz up your garden/backyard, and here are some things you need to keep in mind getting one built by gazebo and pergola contractors.

The Location

The location of your gazebo is extremely important. You just don’t want to set a location on a whim. The gazebo needs to be built in a place where it can be functional.

A lot of people prefer the gazebo to be a central attraction in the yard while others want it to be an extension of their house. The location is crucial to figure out so you need to ensure that you’re giving this aspect a good amount of consideration.

The Materials

There are plenty of materials out of which a gazebo is made, but here are the top three that are most commonly used in building durable and beautiful gazebos.


Wood is a wonderful material to go for if you want to build a gazebo that has a whimsical and historical feel to it. Wood looks classic and timeless and something about the stained and rough appearance of hardwood gazebos is just out of this world.

On the flip side, wood is extremely hard to maintain and it’s not the best material to use in the great wide outdoors where it will be exposed to extreme temperatures, rainwater, and winds. You also might need to make a wooden gazebo waterproof if you don’t want it to get infested with fungus, mold, and mildew.


If you want to go for a good overall material, then vinyl is the perfect choice to make. Vinyl is a very versatile material and it is much easier to maintain than wood. Gazebos made from vinyl are also quite minimal and beautiful and they just look pleasing to the eye.

Vinyl is also one of those materials that can mimic the appearance of other materials perfectly, so it can be made to look like wood and anything else. It’s truly a wonderful choice to go for if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on materials like wood or metal.


A foolproof material for gazebos is metal. It’s a wonderful material that needs zero maintenance and it will last you a very long time even surpassing vinyl because the latter can tend to show dents and scruff on the surface whereas aluminum or galvanized steel will not.

The only downside of this material is the fact that it is extremely expensive. Metal is probably the most expensive material out of the three and because of this fact not a lot of people opt for it. However, there are different types of metal so you should look at their individual prices to find one that fits your budget and preference. Aluminum and stainless steel are the most common metals used for gazebos.

The Size

When building a gazebo, it’s really important to keep the size and dimensions in mind as well. Even though a gazebo is a simple structure with walls and a roof, nowadays, it’s getting pretty modernized.

People can also opt for room-sized gazebos where they can entertain guests and even use them as a lounging or sitting space. So, to decide how big you want the gazebo to be, you must assess the space that you already have because that’s going to give you a good guide as to how much you can expand the dimensions of your gazebo.

The Shape

Some people might confuse the shape of a gazebo for the design, which is wrong. The shape of a gazebo is the particular way in which you’re going to make it and it gives symmetry, more than anything, to the entire structure.

You must know how tall and wide you want your gazebo to be because this will give you a reference to work on and you can even search for different ideas on the internet if you’ve hit a dead end.

The Foundation

A lot of people don’t think about this thing, but the ground on which you’re building a gazebo makes all of the difference. There can be different densities and holding capacities of soil and that can really make or break a gazebo, literally.

You want to select the ground area for the gazebo to be rough and somewhat compact. You don’t want the foundation soil to be runny or soggy because that’s not going to hold the gazebo together, and within a few months, you’ll see that your gazebo lacks structural integrity. It might lean or tilt onto one side.

The Design

There are plenty of gazebo designs you can consider. Some are more historical and have that romantic essence to them while some have a modern and contemporary touch to them. Here are some ideas that you can consider if you want a gazebo in your backyard.


If you want to ditch the rounded structure and go for something edgy, then a pergola is perfect for you. A pergola is made on the base of your deck or patio and it also has slotted roofing or no roofing at all.

This design looks minimal, but it has an edgy appeal to it that will certainly urge people to take a look back for more.

Victorian Gazebo

This gazebo design is a blast from the past, but it doesn’t look outdated at all. It is a two-tier gazebo with a rounded structure. The traditional circular structure of this gazebo gives it a very sweet and romantic appeal and it looks beautiful with some intricate wooden details and carving.

This gazebo design is an ode to the great Victorian times, where designs and beauty in structures were incomparable. So, if you want to capture time in the form of a gazebo, this design is the way to go.

Pavilion-Type Gazebo

As the name suggests, a pavilion gazebo is in the shape of a square, hexagon, or octagon. This gazebo is kind of like a liaison between historical and modern gazebos. This gazebo has 4, 6, or 8 pillars on each side depending on the orientation you’re trying to go for and the top is roofed, giving the space underneath it necessary shelter.

This gazebo also looks pretty similar to a hut, so it’s also called a hut gazebo. Nonetheless, it’s still a beautiful option to consider.


If you want to go for a fairytale-like gazebo, then a circular or rotunda gazebo will be perfect. This gazebo is rounded in structure. It is extremely beautiful to look at and you will be mesmerized by its simple yet elegant beauty.

To elevate the look of a rotunda, you can incorporate lighter colors and materials like wood to give it that delicate appeal. A rotunda looks like a work of art and the best placement for it is in the center of the backyard.


These things are crucial to remember before building a gazebo in your backyard because the right decisions you make now, will save you from a lot of trouble in the future. Moreover, hire expert gazebo builders Port Jefferson for a wonderful and durable gazebo.

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