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10 Modern Deck Ideas You Need To Check Out

Decks make a perfect outdoor space for enjoying your summer evening and nights. Those who want to install a deck may feel overwhelmed with the huge number of designs and styles. We will shorten it to 10 designs for you so you know what you want when you talk to a deck builder. Here are some modern and chic deck ideas.

Modern And Beautiful Deck Ideas

An All-Wooden Deck

You can try any other deck material out there, but nothing beats the rustic and rich beauty of real hardwood, which is why this idea is the very first one that screams classic and modern.

There is just something about wooden decks that don’t even need a lot and you can have the simplest of designs, but paired with the show-stopping appearance of the naturally tinted and rippled hardwood, it’s a game changer.

Decks, With A Side Of Trees

Move aside bushes because the big guys are here. If you’re worried about building a deck and don’t want to cut down trees in the backyard, then you don’t have to. You can just build a deck around it!

All it takes is a bit of planning and creativity and you’ll have a beautiful and mesmerizing deck in no time, where, even though the tree placement can vary, the natural beauty will take center stage. You can go for several medium-length trees and arrange them on the side or perimeter of the deck, or you can go with a more abstract and haphazard approach and have the deck surround the tree.

This is not only going to look pleasing to the eye, but the tree will give you the necessary shade and cooling, especially if you’re an avid outdoor lounger and want to take advantage of the sunny afternoons. You can also decorate the deck with recessed lights and that’s going to elevate the look of your backyard completely. You can never go wrong with a sprinkle of nature when it comes to decks.

A Comfy Escape

There are two key factors to consider when planning the perfect deck. One, it should be aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes, and secondly, it should be extremely comfortable. These things are non-negotiable and need to be at the forefront of your mind when planning, designing, and even building a deck.

You can make the deck look more welcoming and inviting with comfy couches, daybeds, and sunbeds and if you’re feeling extra fancy, then you can even lay down rugs on the deck floor and make it look like an extension of your house interior.

Decks Integrated With Pergolas

This idea is perfect for anyone who has a pergola in their backyard and wants to incorporate a deck into the existing design as well. This is very easy and it can be done with a few tweaks here and there. It doesn’t matter what type of pergola you have. You’ll just need to freshen it up with some sanding and polishing and you can build a deck around it. The result is going to be fantastic and a treat for the eyes.

Why pergolas? Because if you have a shaded deck, then it’s a perfect place to veg out in the evenings too although unshaded decks work just as beautifully too.

Add A Step Or Two – Or More

Who says your deck needs to have a single solid surface? There are many ways by which you can make your deck unique and personalize it according to your liking. If you have a bit more space to work with, then try to go for a descending deck with stairs. These decks have more than one platform and they’re at different heights, connected with stair steps.

The number of steps you add to the deck solely depends on the space you have. You can even incorporate different materials in making the steps of the stairs like stone, concrete, and other natural-looking materials.

Let The Sun In

Instead of going for a roofed deck, try to opt for a boundary wall instead. The peeks of sunlight streaming into the deck is a beautiful visual and you’ll be basking in the sun, limitlessly. For privacy, you can go for tall reinforced boundary walls on all sides, or at least 2 sides, so that you can enjoy your time on the deck without anyone bothering you.

A lot of the time, roofs can look outdated, especially on a deck, so it’s time to change things up a bit. If you do want a roof, look for a pergola design that matches your deck.

Japanese Deck

If you want to capture the essence of Japanese backyards and add subtle hints of it on your own, then this deck idea is for you. Japanese wooden decks are made from light or dark-colored planks and they’re usually pretty minimal, but what makes them unique is the entryway.

Wooden sliding doors with opaque screens can be added as an entrance to the deck and that is going to change the entire look of the space. You can also add accents of Japanese plants, cherry blossom trees, and bushes in the hedges and even bamboo boundary walls to complete the look.

Surrounded By Water

This idea is a bit outrageous but it’s going to transform your backyard into a whimsical escape. If you’re a fan of pools and decks but don’t want to integrate them in a traditional way, then why not have the water surround the deck? This idea is mesmerizing and it looks beautiful, even with little to no décor.

The natural contrast of the water surrounding the deck is beautiful in itself and there’s not much you need to do, other than spend all of your time on this thing of beauty.

Go Asymmetrical

Symmetry is overrated and this idea is going to convince you this even more. An asymmetrical deck is a new and modern way of making your deck look unique and distinct from the traditional masses.

You can go for abstract platforms and irregularly but strategically shaped roofing that are not only beautiful to look at, but they will be functional as well. Add some lighting and furniture, and you’ll have the most beautiful deck. People will just have to see for themselves what this deck is all about.

Deck & Outdoor Kitchen Combo

If you’re looking to add a bit more functionality and space to your worn backyard, then you can add a kitchen and dining space with your deck as well. This is pretty easy to do and if you go for a roofed deck, then you can entertain your guests with good food and even better weather.

There’s no doubt that an outdoor kitchen will make your deck a more welcoming space and you’ll want to host all of your dinner parties on the deck from this moment on. The combination of practicality and beauty never sounded this good.


These deck ideas are quite minimal yet modern, so you don’t need to worry about certain styles going out of trend, because they’re here to stay. If you’re worried about it going out of style in a year, ask your deck contractor Port Jefferson about the deck designs that are modern yet evergreen.

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